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2700 Burcham Drive

East Lansing, MI 48823


(517) 351-8377 - Resident Center and Offices

(517) 827-1028 - Center for Health & Rehabilitation

(517) 827-1035 - 24-hour admission line



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 Executive Director: Pam Ditri  pditri@burchamhills.com
 Executive Assistant: Nancy Shea   nshea@burchamhills.com
 Director of Finance: Jim Kaczmarczyk  jkaczmarczyk@burchamhills.com
 Director of Quality and Strategy: Barb Smith  bsmith@burchamhills.com
 Director of Organizational Development: Joan Holda  jholda@burchamhills.com
 General Admissions  (517) 827-1035
 Senior Director Of Development: Jennifer Kirkland  jkirkland@burchamhills.com
 Job Applicants: Melissa Aylor  maylor@burchamhills.com
   or (517) 827-1067
 Volunteers: Elizabeth Whaley  ewhaley@burchamhills.com
 Manager of Human Resources: Petra Paca  ppaca@burchamhills.com
 Director of Hospitality: Jen Sokol  jsokol@burchamhills.com
 Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation  (517) 827-1028
 Center for Health & Rehab Administrator: Pegi Chatti  pchatti@burchamhills.com
 Director of Nursing: Jessi Kvatek  jkvatek@burchamhills.com
 Therapy Program Manager  rhouseholder@encorerehabilitation.com
 CHR Charge Nurse 1st Floor  (517) 420-1756
 CHR Charge Nurse 2nd Floor  (517) 420-6084
 CHR Charge Nurse 3rd Floor  (517) 420-4954
 Care Coordinator  (517) 927-1888
 Clinical Manager: Betsy Azelton  eazelton@burchamhills.com
 Memory Care Manager: Kathleen Leslie  kleslie@burchamhills.com
 Director of Resident Center: Marcy Harris  mharris@burchamhills.com
 Director of Operations: Abdullah Masood  amasood@burchamhills.com
 Purchasing Manager: Ben Long  blong@burchamhills.com
 Manager of IT: Ronnie Baker  rbaker@burchamhills.com
 Director and Security Officer: Mark Sarvis  msarvis@burchamhills.com


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